Séverine Babault

After an apprenticeship at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and Ceramics of Vallauris, Séverine BABAULT opens her workshop TERRE D'IMPREINTES in 2008 in the Alpes-Maritimes. She creates her ceramics according to the technique of raku: the pieces are taken out of a furnace of its manufacture around 1000 ° C, this heat shock followed of a smoking in various fuels (straw, leaves, chips of wood) puts worth the character of the pieces: cracks and contrasts appear.

All the work of the artist is a perpetual search for balance in an almost meditative act: contrast between the enamelled areas and the smoky areas, between the mast and the gloss, the black and the color, the smooth and the rough.

Shape research is influenced by its appeal for primitive pottery from different cultures. The result is a timeless character. These "everyday potteries" fit into traditional spaces as well as in very contemporary universes by bringing to the interiors a certain aesthetic.