Maguy Julhe

The seam for Maguy Julhe is a family story, daughter of a seamstress in Marseille; she fell in when she was a child. She reproduced the gestures of her mother who said that she wanted another life for her.

Maguy heard her mum and moved to Puimoisson (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) in her grandfather’s little village where she opened a bar-restaurant, but she could not resist to the needles appeal.

Soon, famous personalities settled in the area have heard about this autodidact expert and asked her for some big projects of decorations, the chef Alain Ducasse (La Bastide de Moustiers, L’Abbaye de La Celle, l’Ostapé-Bidaray) and the well-known interior designer Jean Louis Raynaud (in the Luberon) are some of her customers. She works with the highest quality and the most famous fabrics editors (Pierre Frey, Jim Thompson, Le Manach, Braquenié…). She crafted numerous of cushions, bedspreads, curtains, sofa covers etc. After few projects, she decided to leave the restaurant and to dedicate her life to this profession like her mother did.

Now she’s a grand-mother and a great aunt, she wanted to make special gifts for children around her, and made some little animals with the fabrics retrieved on her project sites. We have had the idea to presenting dogs, pigs, sheeps, mouses, and others little pets to everyone who kept a child's soul.