Craftsmen & Creators

Come and discover the different artists and designers set out in our shop " Le Temps d'un Voyage " (Within a journey) in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

If they are not from our area they have been encountered during our travels, they all drew our attention with the quality of their craftsmanship.

Bags , earthenware , stoneware , porcelain , fabrics , sculptures etc. . are all unique pieces,

Thomas BOUHELIER & Claude FICHOT , under the name of Tom Di Thomas proposing to see, random objects, artisans and creators from the world as well as pieces of antiques & decorations.

They will present the following artisans :

Craftsmen from Thailand and from Tunisia in different workshops, each with their chosen field, silk weavers, stoles, cotton, Angora plaids...

Jim Thompson and fashion accessories, tones, bags and other decorative elements mainly in silk.

Sophie Dias  decorates some hand made culinary earthenware pieces.

Anne Graves paints with pop colors.

Sibylle Parant  small shapes farandoles in earthenware or raku characters and culinary items.

Marie Odile Savigny works stoneware and glass paste, her garden is one of his sources of inspiration.

The Tillier family manufacturer of lampshade with reissues tapestry.

Daniel Quesnotpaints abstract and giving way to his imagination.

Maguy Julhe creates some small animals with fabrics she retrieved on her project.

Corinne Astier works on red clay and black clay, she creates objects for everyday and scultpures.

Elisabeth Thorpe paints with acrylique and works on raku.

Geneviève Vallart creates tiny books and characters in clay.

Séverine Babault works with the raku technique.